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I help local businesses gain visibility by being featured/profiled by major news sites, influencers, independant authors and high authority bloggers.

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About me: Shane Wotherspoon

Grew up on a dairy farm near a small village (Walton, NZ).  Attended the local rural school with only 66 other children.

Went to Lincoln University (near Christchurch, NZ) for BCM (Bachelor of Commerce and Management), then to University of Waikato (in Hamilton, NZ) for MMS (Master of Management Studies).

Worked for a bit, saved some money, traveled the world for 6 years, then returned to New Zealand (Aotearoa).

Co-founded the largest business reputation/ratings/reviews website in NZ.  Sold my share in that and went traveling again with some of the funds.

Upon return, became a online Reputation Strategist for dentists.  Added Freelance Media/PR to my services in 2018.

I help dentists, orthodontists and other oral health professionals improve their reputations and increase their visibility via access to the media.

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Visibility and Traffic

When someone searches for a local business of any kind, in the search results they will usually see 10 local business websites, all saying much the same thing. 

Now imagine that same person does another search and this time they see 9 websites and 1 business featured on a high authority news website. 

Which one stands out?

It's easier to stand out if you do something different to everyone else.   

This increases visibility and traffic.

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Media exposure enhances the authority of a local business by positioning it as a trusted and reputable source.

When media outlets feature or mention the business, it lends credibility, expertise, and recognition, establishing the business as a reliable and knowledgeable entity within the industry or community.

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Future Proofing

According to ChatGPT itself ...


"Media citations help local businesses future-proof themselves for a time when people rely on AI robots to search for local businesses.

By having media mentions and references, businesses can build a strong online presence, establish credibility, and gain trust.

This can improve their visibility and search engine rankings, making it more likely for AI-powered platforms to recommend and display them to potential customers."

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Reputation Enhancement

Media coverage and online reviews work hand in hand to enhance a local business's reputation.

Media coverage from reputable sources adds external validation and credibility, while online reviews from customers provide firsthand experiences and social proof.

Together, they create a robust reputation ecosystem that builds trust and attracts new customers to the business.

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